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As your student’s advocate, I work to demystify, simplify and organize the application process to minimize the stress on your student and your family. My goal is to guide students through a series of steps that requires goal setting, appropriate research, and self-advocacy. I do not do the work for them but direct their efforts.

Comprehensive Package

Recommended for college-bound students in grades 10 and 11.

This option provides ongoing consultation and support throughout the college application process. Laurie makes an assessment of the student’s strengths, interests, goals and needs, including the family’s financial parameters. This criterion is reviewed in order to develop a list of schools that match the characteristics identified by the family. She provides advice on college visits with tips on how to gather information that will assist the student to narrow their options and find the right fit. As the application process begins, Laurie provides assistance with each step including organization, timelines, application review, resume development, advice and critique of essay development, interviews and more. Laurie will be involved as much as you need her from start to finish.

Our Most Popular Package!

  • Free introductory meeting with parent(s) and student for the purpose of clarifying and discussing expectations and services (no obligation)
  • Advice for this time in their life
  • Research and identification of ‘best fit’ colleges
  • Organize application tasks
  • Resume guidance
  • College Admission Trends
  • PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject tests, ACT and AP Exams
  • Strategies regarding various admissions programs

Get Started! Complimentary Session:

I offer a forty-five minute complimentary session by phone or in person to see if I am a good match for my clients interested in the Comprehensive Package.

Early High School Package

Recommended for current 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students.

This three-hour package is designed for students who want advanced knowledge on the critical factors colleges use in the application process. Students and parents will learn about the important actions that can be taken early in the high school term to enhance the student's opportunity for admissions success.

  • Review of academic records
  • High school class selection advice
  • AP course strategy
  • Identifying extracurricular opportunities
  • Standardized testing options

Senior Package

This package is subject to availability based on current client caseloads.

This plan is for students who are well along in the college planning process, but need help with essays and organization of the application process. This package is restricted to students who have a defined major and a valid preliminary college list. For students who do not meet such criteria, we recommend the Comprehensive package, even in senior year.

  • Review of academic records
  • Analysis of Reach/Target/Likely Schools for preliminary list based on student statistics
  • Student Portal access
  • Assistance with Common Application, ApplyTexas Application or other college applications
  • College visit and interview preparation
  • Essay brainstorming and review
  • Resume review
  • Individualized attention to any questions regarding the college application process


Global Availability:

Geography is no longer an obstacle. Skype and phone sessions allow convenient and efficient alternatives or complements to in-person sessions. At the end of a long and busy school day, even local students occasionally prefer a video-conference option.

Special Circumstances: In addition, an hourly package may be negotiated for special circumstances, such as essay review and revision. A three-hour minimum fee is required paid at first meeting. This service is subject to availability based on current client caseloads.

Discover what you’re wired to do well, find the best majors to reach your goals, and chart a path to your ideal career through YouScience.

Starks College Connection is pleased to offer YouScience, a unique, groundbreaking assessment used to uncover a student’s true strengths, ideal majors and best career choices. By understanding natural aptitudes, young adults can find their “true north” to guide them in educational, social, and ultimately, career decisions. YouScience measures natural aptitudes using real work samples, not self-reported data. Unlike other assessments, it cannot be gamed, studied for, or tricked. The assessment takes approximately 2 hours to complete (in the comfort of your home) and measures 14 natural aptitudes.

The results combine what you love to do with what you're wired to do well, which allows YouScience to scientifically match you with over 500 college-to-career profiles that accurately predict your level of enjoyment, success, even quality of life while also providing all of the actionable information you need to get there.

YouScience delivers powerful, affirming feedback online, 24 hours after the assessment is completed. This feedback gives a foundation of self-knowledge about each natural aptitude and how it impacts multiple areas of a person’s life including learning styles, academic, work and social implications. It serves as a comprehensive and completely personal education and career decision-making guide. Both the testing and the feedback are delivered online. The printable version of the feedback becomes a comprehensive manual of self-knowledge, approximately 40 pages in length that young adults can refer back to at every decision point throughout life.

To schedule your assessment contact Starks College Connection today or visit: for more information.

Laurie Starks

Phone: 817-846-8734

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