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Exploration Inventory

As you begin your work in developing a list of colleges to explore, please complete the following inventory. Keep in mind that this initial list is tentative. As you progress in your search, your goals and criteria may change, reflecting the increased sophistication of your search. This inventory will be kept in your file and updated when necessary.

For each question, select the answer which most appropriately describes your needs. You may choose more than one answer.

Your Preferred Academic Environment 

Liberal Arts College
Business School
Pre-professional program (i.e. pre-law, pre-med, accounting)
Art School
Not Sure

Enjoy all academic work; love to learn (even if the grade isn't great)
Enjoy certain subjects
Willing to do what is necessary to achieve goals later in life
Not altogether enthusiastic about school as it exists today

More challenging than my current school
Somewhat less challenging
Much less challenging

Small student/faculty ratio
Internships/work experiences
Considerable freedom in choosing courses
Programs for students with learning style differences (LD, ADD, ADHD, etc.)
Independent study options
Applying what I learn to real world problems
Preparation for the military
More hands-on learning opportunities
Counseling/psychological/medical services
Courses geared to my specific academic/career interests
Excellent study abroad options
Research opportunities
Personalized academic advising
Personalized career advising
Writing center

East (New England & Mid-Atlantic States)
Southeast (Virginia to Florida)
South (Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas & Louisiana)
Midwest (Great Lakes States & Upper Mississippi Valley: MN, WI, IA, MI, MO, IL, IN & OH)
Midwest (Plain States: N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska & Oklahoma)
Southwest (Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona)
Rocky Mountain States (Colorado, Utah, Nevada, & Wyoming)
Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, & Montana)

Rural area (somewhat isolated)
Rural area (near a major metropolitan area)
Within a major city (lack of green space is not an issue)
No preference

Near home (close enough to get home on weekends)
Close enough to drive home for holidays in a day
Greater distance from home is important
No preference

Intimate college/university (1,500 or fewer)
Smaller mid-size college/university (2,000-4,500)
Mid-size university (5,000-10,500)
Large university (12,000+)
Very large university (20,000+)
No preference

Largely enjoy doing things with a small group of friends
Opportunity to party when you feel in the mood
Variety of activities available (athletics, arts, lectures, camping, travel)
Healthy balance between non-Greek and Greek participation
Strong participation in fraternities and sororities
Easy access to major metropolitan area for entertainment
Most students live on campus
Lots of spectator sports
An environmentally active student body
Going to athletic games is a big social event
Lots of students participate in intramural sports
Fraternities/sororities available
Specialized programs for women/gay/multicultural students
Lots of weekend activities
The food is good
A safe campus
A beautiful campus
Many leadership opportunities available
Nice residence halls/living spaces
Where a sense of community exists
Where I am recognized for accomplishments outside of class
Where I don’t feel like a number
Community service/volunteer opportunities
Very spirited
No preference

Very important
Somewhat important

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